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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple


Because a joyful life
in a loving relationship is possible...


Sometimes, life's challenges can be overwhelming - leaving us emotionally worn-out and hurting. Whatever you are struggling with, compassionate, quality therapy can restore your happiness, self-confidence and loving connection to others.  

Can you relate to any of the following?

Distressed & Unhappy

Do you feel stuck in sadness, depression, anxiety or fear and can’t seem to pull yourself together?   The aloneness you feel only makes things worse.

Struggling in Relationships
Are you and your partner arguing too much or seeing the love you once shared fade away?  Have you noticed? The people we love the most can hurt us the most.  

Having Problems in Dating
Single life can be disappointing and confusing.  Some of your unconscious behavior patterns may be getting in the way of successfully finding a life-long partner.  

Worried About Your Family
Your teen or college-age son or daughter seems lonely or sad and won't let you in.  It's frustrating and scary.

Recovering from the Heartbreak of a Break-up or Divorce

Nothing could have prepared you to face the struggle to rebuild your life after a break-up or divorce.   Loneliness and fear for the future can be so painful.

Hope and Healing - A New Beginning

Within our safe, trusting therapeutic relationship, you'll discover new ways of living and relating. With renewed compassion for yourself and others, you'll be better equipped to give and receive love and comfort in all your relationships.  Insight and discovery into past and current patterns will free you to consciously choose a healthy and happy future.  

Here’s Some Benefits of Christian Counseling:
  • Restore your peace of mind.
  • Develop skills to stay emotionally balanced
  • Feel stronger, confident and more secure about your life and the choices you make.
  • Use your healing to help others.
  • Feel excited to get up in the morning and serve in ways big and small.
  • Have a more fulfilling social life.
  • Breakthrough shyness or feelings of inadequacy in social situations.
  • Be more authentic, open and honest in your communication, thus creating a deeper connection with your spouse and others. You will also be more sensitive to others and be more likely to help them feel loved.
  • Understand your spiritual journey. Appreciate the seasons that bring you closer to God.

Strong Skills, a Kind Heart, an Intelligent Approach 
My Approach

As your therapist, my role is to give you the understanding, support and encouragement you need. 
  • I am not a "just sit there" kind of therapist.  In our work together, you will feel engaged, understood, challenged and encouraged.  We “roll up our sleeves” and make real changes.
  • You will find safe acceptance, practical wisdom, and complete confidentiality in our counseling relationship.
  • I have extensive experience helping others just like you heal emotional wounds and repair their intimate relationships.  
  • Faith issues and biblical principles can be explored in counseling, if you choose.
  • I am a sought-after speaker in churches throughout Orange County - teaching dating relationship skills, marriage enrichment and divorce recovery workshops.
  • My easy-going personality will help you feel comfortable and at ease within moments - even if you've never been in counseling before!

Visit my office for an initial consultation. I can help identify the issues troubling you and recommend a path of healing and restoration.   Feel free to phone to discuss any questions you may have.